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relaxing calming luxurious special treatment.

Become one with nature.

Treat yourself to a lovely massage. On the following pages, we will tell you about the various massages Spa One offers you. Will you opt for a relaxing massage, a scrub massage, or a lovely hot & cold stone massage? We have massages in different timeframes; 50 and 80 minutes of pure enjoyment.

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Relaxation massage

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This massage relaxes your body and mind and has a calming effect.

80 minutes for €83

50 minutes for €63

25 minutes for €33


Swedish Classic

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Swedish Classic. That’s what we call this intermediate form that balances between a sports massage and a relaxation massage. Sometimes intense, sometimes wonderfully calming, always rejuvenating!

80 minutes for €86

50 minutes for €66

25 min. voor €36


Sports Massage

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This massage stimulates increased blood circulation, facilitating the faster removal of waste products from your muscles and improved absorption of nutrients.

80 minutes for €87

50 minutes for €67

25 minutes for €37


Indian head

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A delightful, Indian-originated massage that provides total relaxation for your head, neck, and shoulders. This Indian head massage promotes better sleep and helps reduce stress.

25 minutes for €33


Ottoman Hamam

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For this extensive scrub ritual, you will lie down on a heated marble table and be treated with abundant water and olive oil soap. After the scrub, your entire body will be lathered with foam. Dead skin cells will be removed, your circulation will be stimulated, and your muscles will have the opportunity to fully relax.

80 minutes for €89

50 minutes for €69

25 minutes for €39

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Wellness for body & mind.

Unique in ‘wellness land’ is the attention to your mental relaxation within Spa One. In addition to the physical pleasure (not forgetting the positive physical effects of saunas), Spa One allows you to relax mentally with a virtual Zen master. Mindfulness expert Lesley takes you on a journey to mental relaxation. All this in a beautiful low-stimulus room with ergonomic chairs for a healthy and relaxed posture. Our mindfulness sessions are accessible to everyone, making them a low-threshold but mindful relaxation experience.